Make your break a masterpiece

Our Café faces the internal garden, one of the most charming in Venice, designed by Carlo Scarpa in the early 1960s.

Unusual and welcoming, it is perfect for a coffee break, an aperitif or a work lunch. A wide range of food and drinks is available at the bar, with dishes based on seasonal produce.

Take a break in the fresh air

The space designed by Mario Botta and the permanent installation ‘Svolgimento di un quadro' by Maria Morganti (2017)

The exterior of the Café in dialogue with the garden designed by Carlo Scarpa

In 2017, Maria Morganti engaged with the café designed by Mario Botta and transformed it, creating the permanent installation ‘Svolgimento di un quadro’ (‘Development of a painting’). The artist covered the walls with tapestries, produced in collaboration with Vicenza-based company Bonotto, one of the world’s most creative textile manufacturers.
“I thought about a painting expanding, as if every single layer were to be peeled off three-dimensionally into the surrounding environment. Through a prevalence of greens, blues and a strong presence of red, the painting multiplied into lots of separate pictures. I sensed the architecture of Mario Botta, I felt it was the place that would give my colour the chance to settle, to stay, to take its space”.

Turn your break at the café into a nice stop along a journey of knowledge amidst art, architecture and flavours.