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For over 150 years, we have been committed to preserving, increasing and developing the assets of the Fondazione Querini Stampalia. We do this alongside our supporters, friends, companies and volunteers, together with those who experience the present with their eyes set on the future.

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Being a Friend of the Querini allows you to protect a precious cultural heritage, to contribute to supporting the life of the Fondazione and to guarantee its future. Our membership makes you part of a unique experience: 365 days to spend together, made of discoveries, sharing, passions.

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5 per mille

The Querini is care, research, growth, beauty, innovation and much more. Leave your signature and conserve the future: donate your 5 per mille. By choosing this option, you support the opening to the public of the Library and the art collections, the purchasing and lending of books and the conservation of valuable heritage for future generations as well. When completing your tax return, enter Querini Stampalia's tax code (02956070276) on the form for the 5 per mille recipient and sign in the 'Beni culturali' field. Thank you for your support.


You can even support the Querini and our projects from abroad. Donors who are resident in the USA and Canada can refer to the King Baudouin Foundation USA and Canada to take advantage of the benefits provided by American and Canadian law. For more information, please write to


For companies

Do you have a company and would you like to contribute to developing the Querini? A free space in which knowledge is promoted and fostered in all its forms; culture, creativity, business, in a network to share common values. Our vision for the future is a journey that began over 150 years ago, with the destination of tomorrow. Set off on this journey with us. Interested in finding out more? Write to and visit the site for more information.


Various companies have already partnered with us and are part of OpificioQuerini, the Fondazione Querini Stampalia’s innovative corporate membership project. 

There are nine partner companies: Art Defender, Arterìa, Domori, InfinityHub, KE, Lares Restauri, Oikos Venezia, Varaschin, Viessmann Italia, and two ambassadors : AMDL Circle e VeniSIA.


Following the example of Giovanni Querini, donations and bequests make a great contribution to the growth of the Fondazione’s assets.
They are the upshot of a close relationship with the community: private individuals, institutions and companies all recognise the important role that the Fondazione Querini Stampalia plays in the life of the city and on the national and international scene.
Donations enlarge the Collections and Library and guarantee the continuity of services and the programming of initiatives.


Our network

The Fondazione Querini Stampalia is among the oldest Italian cultural foundations.
Our value is recognised by a vast network of public and private entities: the Italian state, the Veneto region and Municipality of Venice, first and foremost, but also many universities, national and international organisations, associations and companies.
The Fondazione organises projects and activities with these different entities, which are constantly growing in size, variety and richness of the relationships.

Sostenitori e Donatori

Sull’esempio del conte Giovanni donazioni e lasciti danno un grande apporto alla crescita del patrimonio della Fondazione. Sono frutto di una stretta relazione con la comunità: privati, istituzioni, aziende riconoscono alla Querini Stampalia un ruolo importante nella vita della città e sulla scena nazionale e internazionale. Le donazioni incrementano le Collezioni e la Biblioteca e garantiscono continuità ai servizi e alla programmazione delle iniziative.


Puoi sostenere la Querini e i suoi progetti anche dall’estero. Donatori con residenza negli Stati Uniti d’America e in Canada possono far riferimento alla King Baudouin Foundation USA e Canada, per beneficiare delle agevolazioni previste dalla legge americana e canadese.
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Projects carried out thanks to our supporters

Acqua Alta

Restauri in Museo e Nuove Didascalie



An Exceptional Acqua Alta

An Exceptional Acqua Alta

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